Get IoT things done.

You are probably here because getting your devices connected seems quite complicated, time-consuming and expensive. We are here to help out with that.

With Controllino Cloud, you take 80% of the work out of your IoT projects. Be ready to go in minutes, instead of months.

Manage all your devices
in a single place

Controllino Cloud offers you an easy way to get your devices online, no matter if you want to use MQTT, HTTP or don’t even know what these acronyms mean.

Look… you probably own a few devices from different vendors. You want to get them connected, but some of them have weird connectivity protocols or complicated guidelines to bring it online. To make them work together, you would usually need lots of sleepless nights, as well as lots of Googling to get it work, and still it will not quite feel like a polished and professional solution.

Let’s change that.

With Controllino Cloud, you can easily connect all your IoT devices and gateways within minutes instead of days.

Connect an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, an industrial PLC and many more devices with just a few clicks. You can even stream external device data from AWS IoT, IBM Watson or Azure Event Hub.

Collect, visualize and manipulate your IoT data

Create beautiful, interactive dashboards to get a complete overview on your devices and assets. Gain hidden insights from your data and use it to create real value.

Use our 35+ ready-to-use widgets or develop your own with the integrated IDE and a bit of HTML, JavaScript & CSS.

Create complex automation events

Where IoT really starts to shine is when you are not only able to get data from your devices and control them remotely, but let them do work automatically without any human intervention.

Use the Rule Engine to process your data and create highly sophisticated event workflows. The powerful visual editor with dozens of built-in options allows you to create automation rules without hassle.

Get started for free.

From small home automation projects to large industrial applications – Controllino Cloud is built for everyone.

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