Controllino Cloud

The IoT platform you have been waiting for.

A powerful cloud
for your IoT projects.

Controllino Cloud is a powerful and highly flexible IoT Platform, designed to get the most out of your connected devices.

Setting up your own reliable IoT software infrastructure is extremely complicated, time-consuming and expensive. We take all the work out of your IoT projects and provide you with a simple, yet powerful solution for all your IoT software needs. 

If you have a device that is capable of connecting to a network, you are ready to go within minutes instead of months.

Manage all your devices
in one place.

When you work with devices from different vendors and with different connectivity protocols, getting them to work together can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. 

With Controllino Cloud, you can easily connect all your IoT devices and gateways with just a few clicks, no matter if it’s an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or some industrial PLC.

You can use any standard connectivity protocol like MQTT, CoAP or HTTP. Controllino Cloud also speaks NB-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN. You can even stream external device data from AWS IoT, IBM Watson or Azure Event Hub to Controllino Cloud.

Collect, process and visualize your IoT data.

Create beautiful, interactive dashboards to get a complete overview on your devices and assets. Gain hidden insights from your data and use it to create value for your project.

With over 30+ integrated widgets, you are ready to go in minutes. Not enough? You can even develop your own customized widgets directly within Controllino Cloud using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Create complex automation workflows and rules.

Where IoT really starts to shine is when you are not only able to get data from your devices and control them remotely, but let them do work automatically without any human intervention.

Use the Rule Engine to process your data and create highly sophisticated event workflows. The powerful visual editor with dozens of built-in options allows you to create automation rules without hassle.

Ready to do some serious IoT?

From small home automation projects to large industrial applications – Controllino Cloud is built for everyone.
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