Mail & SMS Settings

Mail Settings #

ThingsBoard System Administrator is able to configure a connection to a SMTP server that will be used to distribute activation and password reset emails to users.

NOTE System Mail settings are used only during user creation and password reset process and are controlled by a system administrator. Tenant administrator is able to setup email rule node to distribute alarms produced by rule engine.

Following steps are required to configure system mail settings.

Step 1. Login as system administrator #

Login to your ThingsBoard instance WEB UI as a system administrator using default account.

Step 2. Change administrator email address #

Right click on the burger in the top-right corner of the WEB UI and select ‘Profile’. Change ‘’ to your email address. Now re-login as administrator again.

Step 3. Open ‘Outgoing Mail’ and populate SMTP server settings #

Navigate to System Settings -> Outgoing Mail and populate the form. Click on ‘Send Test Email’ button.

A test email will be sent to the email address that you have specified in ‘Step 2’. In case of error in configuration, you should receive a popup with the error log.

Step 3.1. Sendgrid configuration example #

SendGrid configuration is fairly simple and straightforward. First, you need to create SendGrid account. You can try it for free and the free plan is most likely enough for platform evaluation.

Once you create your account, you will be forwarded to the welcome page. Now you can provision your SMTP Relay credentials. See the screen-shot below.


Please choose SMTP relay on the next page.


Once you populate the API key name and generate it, you will be able to copy-paste settings from the screen to ThingsBoard mail settings form.


Copy-paste the settings, update ‘Mail From’ field and click on ‘Send Test Mail’ button.


Once you receive the notification about a successfull test, save populated data. You can also complete verification on the SendGrid website.

Step 3.2. Gmail configuration example #

In order to use G-mail, you will need to do two extra steps. First, you need to allow less secure apps. Second, you need to enable two-step verification and generate an app password. Although the second step is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.


Once this is ready, you should be able to setup Gmail account using the information below


Similar settings are available for G-suite accounts, however, you may need to contact your system administrator to enable less secure apps, etc. Note that you can also enable/disable TLS using checkbox.


Step 4. Save configuration #

Once you will receive test email you can save SMTP server configuration.

SMS Settings #

ThingsBoard System Administrator is able to configure SMS provider that will be used to distribute SMS messages about alarms. This configuration step is required in production environments if you plan to use SMS messages.

Tenant administrator is able to setup sms rule node to distribute alarms produced by rule engine.

Following steps are required to configure system SMS provider settings.

  • Step 1. Login to ThingsBoard UI as a system administrator. Open system settings.
  • Step 2. Open SMS provider settings and choose one of the available providers: AWS SNS or Twilio.
  • Step 3 (AWS SNS). Populate AWS Access Key ID and Secret access key if you have chosen AWS SNS. Click “Save” button.
  • Step 3 (Twilio). Populate Twilio account SID and Token. Specify phone number that will be used as a “sender”. Click “Save” button.

Note: Please use AWS SNS or Twilio documentation to learn more how to use the corresponding system.