Learn how to use Controllino IoT Cloud.

How to connect your device

Please choose your type of device to see matching tutorials on how to connect your device to Controllino Cloud.


Learn how to connect Arduino and similar devices with Ethernet or WiFi module or shield.


Learn how to connect any Controllino PLC over the integrated Ethernet port to Controllino Cloud.

ESP32 / ESP8266

Learn how to connect an ESP32 or ESP8266 over WiFi to Controllino Cloud.

Raspberry Pi

Learn how to connect a Raspberry Pi with integrated Ethernet or WiFi to Controllino Cloud.

Other Modules

Learn how to connect other popular modules over MQTT, HTTP or CoAP to Controllino Cloud.

Other PLCs

Learn how to connect other popular PLCs over MQTT, HTTP or CoAP to Controllino Cloud.

How to use Controllino Cloud

Choose one of the topics below to learn how to use Controllino Cloud and its rich features.


Learn how to create great-looking dashboards that display your device data and more.


Learn how to manage devices, assign devices to users and browse attributes, telemetry and alarms.


Learn how to group devices to assets, assign them to users and manage attributes and alarms.


Learn how to create entity views that limit the degree of exposure of telemetry and attribute data to users.

Rule Engine

Learn how to master the powerful Controllino Cloud Rule Engine to process data and do actions.


Learn how to setup Controllino Cloud to your desire and how to customize the look and feel of the application.